Frequently Asked Questions about Juneau

You’d be surprised by how many questions we receive from site visitors, so we’re going to keep a list of our favorites here. Please feel free to ask more via our Contact Form.

Q: How far above sea level is Juneau?
A: Most of Juneau is at sea level, or close to it.

Q: What kind of money do you use in Juneau?
A: Juneau is in the United States and as such uses the US Dollar.

Q: How come there are so many jewelry stores in Juneau?
A: Take a look at all the cruise ships all along the waterfront during the summer for the answer to that one!

Q: Why is the Glacier so dirty?
A: It only gets cleaned in the winter.

Q: Is it true that you cannot drive to Juneau?
Yes, the state capital is not accessible by road. You can only get here via airplane or boat.

Q: What are those brown boots you all wear?
The XtraTuff is considered essential Juneau apparel due the climate and to the comfort of the venerable brown boots.

Q: What’s the best way to plan a trip to Juneau?
A: The State of Alaska Travel Planner and the Discover Juneau websites have a wealth of good information about planning a trip to Juneau.